Wednesday, 9 December 2015

#Wattpad Wednesdays

Want to sample a new book? Or are you looking for that next big indie author? Just want to share a little writing of your own? Wattpad is the answer. Check out these two YA finds I staked out on Wattpad this week:

YA HorrorDrowned Silence by Amy McNulty


Living in a home dripping with silent tension, lonely teen Dylan finds refuge at school—until Kelsey is assigned to be his class project partner.

Kelsey, the school outcast, is allergic to water, dresses in Gothic Lolita fashion and refuses to use technology from past the 19th century, which makes working together difficult to say the least.

Invited to Kelsey’s house during her sister’s Halloween party, Dylan uncovers a frightening connection between Kelsey and a death that took place on her property years before. 

A serialized YA contemporary horror short story from the author of Nobody’s Goddess (the Never Veil Series). Kelsey and Dylan’s story is over after Part 3. This collection includes three bonus UNRELATED, one-shot short stories: Five Bucks, Ego Cafe and All the Living and the Dead.

Read the story here, on Wattpad.

Contemporary YASticky Notes by Geri Ami


Sean Collins and Shairaleigh Winters were never meant to cross paths. They were supposed to graduate, go to their respective colleges and never see each other again. But, all thanks to a pad of pink sticky notes, a special bond was formed between the two. Thanks to a small piece of paper with a strip of adhesive on the back that allows attachment or removal from a surface, sparks flew and suddenly, they became so much more the mere strangers that they were supposed to be.

Read the story here on Wattpad.

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