Friday, 18 December 2015

#FridayFandom: Author Interview with Vicki L. Weavil

Today we have the wonderful Vicki L. Weavil, author ofCrown of Ice and Facsimile. Facsimile comes out in 2016, along with the sequel to Crown of Ice, Sceptre of Fire! We will definitely be having Vicki back in 2016 for some spotlight interviews!!

1. Tell us about your books in 140 characters or less.

CROWN OF ICE: As the Snow Queen she’s immortal. As a seventeen-year-old human, Thyra Winther has less than a year to live. (This is actually the twitter pitch that caught the attention of both my literary agency and my publisher).
WE READ YA: Oh! It’s exciting to hear a successful pitch! #pitchanagent
FACSIMILE: Escaping her frontier planet for Earth is Ann’s dream, until she discovers her departure may condemn an entire species to extinction. 

2. What would be the theme song for your books? 

 CROWN OF ICE: The White Forest by Brunuhville.
WE READ YA: That is beautiful (and the images even match the Crown of Ice theme)! 
FACSIMILE: Under One Sky by The Tenors.
WE READ YA: This song is so inspirational!  

3. Our last “M” for Monday post was on “Mmmm…pizza”. What is your favoritefood and why do you love it?

I like a wide variety of food, but I think I must say cheese. There are so many kinds of cheese, and I love almost all of them. You can do so much with cheese – from main courses to desserts to just snacking.  Also, as I don’t eat meat, this is one of main sources of protein.
WE READ YA: I personally love cheese and would love to find ways to implement it more as a main course. 

 4. What are you currently writing?

I am writing the sequel to FACSIMILE – titled DERIVATION. It will be published by Month9Books in 2017. In late October I finished writing the first companion book to CROWN OF ICE – SCEPTER OF FIRE – which will be published by Month9Books in late 2016.

5. What are you currently reading?

I’ve finally gotten around to reading THE CUCKOO’S CALLING by Robert Galbraith (aka J. K. Rowling). I love mysteries and Ms Rowling’s writing, so this is a great combination for me!

Thank you for your time Vicki! Read below for more information on how to contact Vicki and where to buy her books!

Author Bio:
Raised in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Vicki L. Weavil turned her early obsession with reading into a career as a librarian. After obtaining a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Virginia, she continued her education by receiving a Masters in Library Science and a M.A. in Liberal Studies. She is currently the Library Director for a performing and visual arts university.

An avid reader who appreciates good writing in all genres, Vicki has been known to read seven books in as many days. When not writing or reading, she likes to spend her time watching films, listening to music, gardening, or traveling. Vicki is a member of SCWBI and is represented by Fran Black of Literary Counsel, NY, NY. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three very spoiled cats.
Instagram:  Instagram:

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