Monday, 7 December 2015

#MondayMayhem: Mockingjay 2 and the Void it Left Behind

The great thing about a good series is when it’s made into a movie. You get to relive the excitement of the books all over again. But inevitably this to shall come to an end, which is what has happened with Hunger Games.
I have put off watching Mockingjay 2 for this reason alone – I just can’t let go. Not yet! But if I wait to long it will leave the theaters, and I can’t do that to myself. This book is so much more than people realize. I have to see if the movie ends how the series means it too. SPOILERS: Does Katniss reflect on the Hunger Games while watching her children playing? Does society really not learn its lesson? These are the elements of the books that made them so much more than the movies could show. Katniss’s utter disgust with the system but desire to just be left alone; the ultimate loner, driven only by her urge to survive, which can only be won over by her deep moral and values when surrounding the love for her little sister.
Eventually I will have to suck it up and go see the movie. But for now, I’ll just binge watch some trailers!

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