Sunday, 29 November 2020

#NewRelease: Mr. Mole Moves In

New Release

Mr. Mole Moves In
by Leslie-Anne Green
Tundra Books

Mr. Mole is new in town, and the critters of Juniper Hollow aren't sure what to make of his odd behavior. But one observant neighbor lends a helping hand, demonstrating that a little kindness can go a long way. This cozy story features adorable felted art and gentle situational humor.

Mr. Mole is a very well-mannered fellow. He greets fence posts politely, he compliments watermelons and he generously gives children erasers to eat.

The critters of Juniper Hollow are confused, but they befriend him anyway. After all, maybe this is just how things are done back in Moletown . . . and in Juniper Hollow, strangers are just friends waiting to happen!

This hilarious story of compassion, friendship and wacky misunderstandings will tickle readers, and the fuzzy artwork will delight fans big and small.

I absolutely adored this book! Not your typical illustrations - the felt and clay work was WELL-DONE! I definitely think kids will love seeing the pictures matched with the story about a wonderful new mole who moves into town, and makes hilarious first impressions on all the townspeople who realize....are you ready for a spoiler....that Mr. Mole simply needs a pair of glasses. Children will adore this story and giggle throughout it.

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