Sunday, 2 August 2020

#SundayReview: Monsters 101


Monsters 101 is an excellent read for anyone interested in the science behind monsters. Tons of facts and checklists create an enjoyable and interactive experience for the reader. It even talks about how to get along with them. At the end you even get a diploma!
Thanks to NetGalley for offering a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Monsters! They're so much more than just that scary thing under your bed. Join Professors Vampire, Blob and Werewolf, and their trusty lab assistant--a zombie named Tina--as they reveal eerie and frankly ridiculous monsters facts never uttered outside a crypt! For example:

     Monsters love competitive board game nights!
     Favorite monster foods include clam pudding with fish heads and pickled ant ice cream!
   In addition to cauldrons and spider gardens, monster homes often include homemade collages!
     Werewolves hate the sound of vacuum cleaners!
     Monsters aren't all scary! Try being nice to one for a change! Offer them a compliment!

Full of eye-popping illustrations and a story with nonstop sidesplitting laughs, plus a removable Professor of Monstrology diploma at the end of the book, Monsters 101 will have children--and adults--eager to enroll, time and time again!

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