Sunday, 30 August 2020

#SundayReview: If You Were Night

Sunday Review

A poetic and evocative exploration of the natural world at night illustrated in illuminating paper-cut dioramas. This dreamlike picture book asks the question: if you were night, what would you do? If you saw the moon tiptoe past your window, would you nestle under the covers? Or would you step outside to follow it? What if you felt a tail brush your ankle, would you freeze? Or skitter away? And if you saw an owl swoop from a branch, would you hide? Or join the hunt? All the while, the child pictured in the book chooses adventure, and thrillingly experiences a night like no other. From the award-winning and acclaimed author Mượn Thị Văn comes a lyrical and evocative exploration of the natural world at night. The poetic language of the text engages all the senses as it gently poses questions that pull readers' imaginations outdoors, where night creatures roam and everything seems different. Kelly Pousette's intricate paper-cut dioramas, intriguingly presented with shadows and darkness falling around them, are packed with charming details for children to investigate. This unique and thought-provoking book is sure to encourage observation and spark curiosity --- and many conversations. A wonderful read-aloud or bedtime story, this book also ties in beautifully with primary lessons about the natural world.

This conversational tale flows by asking the reader a number of rhetorical questions about what they would do if they were in the night. By roaming through the outdoors in a paper-cut diorama that uses light and shadows to reveal the hidden mysteries of the night, the reader is pulled into the story where they can participate in the beauty that is night.

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