Sunday, 29 November 2015

#bookjamsessions Nothing like a little Adele and a good book to launch WE READ YA…

@Reposted from my tumblr blog:
There’s something about a good song that makes a good book just that much better. I’d personally match up Adele’s Hello with John Green’s Paper Towns. *Sigh* young love (or semi-obsessed teens), either way both make the world a little bit better (I’m talking books & music, not semi-obsessed teens). Plus any song that can still sound amazeballs using kids musical instruments just shows its a rock star quality.
As for Paper Towns, we all know it was a rock star. It had mega success in it print and the box office. But what makes a great book uber-successful? Personally, I fell in love with this book at “Wegottagohome”. That’s right, it was Quentin’s innocence, not Margo’s mystery that made this book amazing to me. In fact, I was rooting for him not to find her, (SPOILER AHEAD) and when he did it was only with mild-irritation that I shrugged off her indifference. Did she not know how lucky she was! In truth, they would have never made it. I mean, come on, super-obsessive love never lasts – remember Romeo & Juliet *ahem*.
Thanks for joining me for a #bookjamsessions. Books and music, baby. Now that’s a great Sunday night.

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