Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wednesday's Writing Prompt: Four Houses

Photo Credit Vanessa Barger.

Four houses sit above the door
Flag are flapping, winds ashore
Taste the salt upon my tongue
In the air, little ones.

These houses, old, are quarter none
They make a whole, each every one
For if you look upon their face
You'll see their markings far from trace

The yellow eagle sits in first place
He spent his time keeping face
But in the end he came to be
No different then the rest in peace.

The red lion roars with might
He rules with bark worse than bite
But even strong can fall from high
When one speaks not listening, nigh.

Next blows past a crest of sea
Great ships venture onto thee
Forging through your skin so bare
Waves can overtake anywhere.

And last there sits the beast of old,
Fire breathing, scales so bold,
With blood that runs not hot nor cold
The dragon's beady eyes keep hold.

Four lords, they watch o'er kings gate
Protecting the one who leads their fate
Will you enter? Dare you chance?
Under watch, the banners dance.
-- Melanie McFarlane

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