Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bookish Crafts: Book Page Roses

Making a Book Page Rose

What you need:
- one recycled book
- one glue stick

1. Take a sheet of paper from a book. I like to use discard books from thrift stores or a local indie shop (mine is Post Horizon Booksellers).  Did you know that these places pay to have old books recycled!

2. Mark out two squares from your page. Know that these will be the base of your flower. I chose to scale their size down to 4" x 4".

3. Fold one square diagonally, to create two triangles.

4. Fold diagonally, two more times.

5. Now, keeping the fold to the bottom, draw a "petal" on the triangle. You will need a large semi-circle at the top, with a small one at the bottom.

6. Cut out the petal. The first time I did this I didn't put the fold at the bottom and ended up with a less than ideal flower! So if that happens to you, don't fret. You have an entire recycled book to get more pages from.

7. Repeat the above with two more squares.

8. Cut out a two petals from two of the flowers, and three petals from the third.

9. Glue each "cut" end of the petals to its counterpart, creating a rounded effect to the flowers. Leave the smallest two as is.

10. Using a toothpick, curl the edges of the petals at their outer tips.

11. Glue each section inside the other, from smallest to largest. Now, put your bookish rose on display. You can connect it to a stem, or leave it by itself. Either way it's a beautiful addition to your shelves.

Thank you for reading! If you make your own bookish roses, please post links in the comments!

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