Monday, 31 August 2015

Sad Quotes from GMMG YA Books

Two lines: Swoon Romance and Month9Books. One: Kleenex box. Zero: Chance of dry eyes.

What better way to countdown for September 1st then to check out some new reads. It's back to school time and I'm always looking for something to distract me from schoolwork. When I came across the following tear jerking sentences in these fantastic YA reads, I knew I had to share these feels with the world.

So grab your e-reader and tissues and get ready to add these books to your Fall #TBR list!

“Is your heart so cold and closed to me?” he said at last.
His grip slackened.
I clenched my jaw and gazed straight into the void that
his veil created in the violet glow. I hoped my eyes, flameless
though they may be, would burn straight through him. “I do
not need my words in order to answer that.”

"I’ve gone as far as I can go. I’ve escaped as far as I can escape. 
On the cold ocean floor, right next to the blue coral Border built to keep me safe, I curl my tail around me and sob."
-- Tobie Easton, EMERGE

Michael slumped back against his seat, reached out an uncertain hand toward me, then slumped again. And that gesture, that split second of his wanting to comfort me and deciding not to, made me want to stab myself with the nearest sharp object, because that would have hurt less. That’s when I knew for certain that it was over. There was no us anymore. 
And somehow I felt small, diminished, like without us there was less of me.
 -- Stephanie Wardrop, SNARK AND STAGE FRIGHT

My parents lie somewhere beneath the snow, buried with my mortal life. I spend endless days searching for their remains. Tucking a piece of the mirror inside my fur-lined cloak, I harness one of my milk-white ponies to a sledge. Flying over ice and snow, I hold up the shard to catch the rays of the sun.
 -- Vicki Weavil, CROWN OF ICE 

Share your favorite sad quote in the comments below. 

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